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Our product range includes, but not limited to;

Head Protection

Helmets, Caps, Crash Helmets, Riders helmets, Disposable headgear, Helmet parts & Accessories including sweatbands, chinstraps, spare harness, visor capes, muffs, and lamps.

Ear Protection

Ear muffs, limited use and re-useable plugs, semi-aural plugs.

Eye & Face Protection.

Spectacle, Goggles, UV resistant eyewear, Face shields, Welders shield, goggles and glasses.

Respiratory Protection.

Disposable & Re-usable dust masks, Disposable respirators, Single & twin half masks, full face masks, cartridges, canisters, pre-filter pads and holders, Air-supplied range, Self-contained breathing apparatus, Welding respirators.

Hand Protection.

Gloves made of Leather, Rubber, PVC, Cotton, Nitrile Rubber etc. for protection against out, puncture, chemicals, hydrocarbons, heat, cold, electricity, flame, sparks etc, sleeves.

Chemical Protection

Chemical resistant suits, aprons, hoods, limited use non-woven overalls, hoods, caps gloves, shoe covers.

Fall Protection

Waist belts, full body harnesses, Rope, webbing & shock-absorbent lanyards, Work-positioning belts, Round and flat webbing slings, hoists, descenders, hooks, karabiners, Toll bags, safety nets.

Foot Protection.

All types of Safety and Protective footwear with or without toe caps. Sole resistances include water, slip, oil, solvents, acids, alkali, heat, puncture, and anti-static properties. Available in ladies and gents shoes, ankle boots, executive, Rigger, Rider, motorcyclists. Non-safety footwear including security boots, military, officers, Safari boots, sports, Gumboots with and without steel toe cap.

Work wear

Overalls, dustcoats, rainwear, security guards’ uniform & accessories, cold-store clothing, Corporate identity Uniforms, sweaters, t-shirts, polo shirts, Caps, and all types of clothing.

Welders’ Apparel

Leather aprons, sleeves, cap, jackets, leggings, curtains- Knee & elbow pads.


Hi-Visibility waistcoats & jackets, Reflective tap, Caution tape, Traffic cones & Highway safety products.

First aid

First Aid Kits, Eyewash, Emergency showers, Stretchers.

Packaging Materials 

Rubber Bands, tapes, rapid pins.


Waste Management Sercices


Safety tech ltd provides hazardous waste management services in Kenya. The company offers packaging, collection, transportation, destruction, and disposal services. It provides various packaging components, single use yellow plastic biohazard liners, disposable sharps containers, plastic containers